Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Submission & Withdrawal Notices

We've just added a couple of features to the site that should make managing submissions a little easier for call admins:

  • The site now automatically notifies call admins by email whenever a proposal is submitted. Before, call admins had to log in to check on any activity. Now, that information is delivered right to their inboxes.
  • The site now automatically notifies proposal managers by email whenever a proposal is withdrawn. (A copy of the withdrawal notice is also placed in the manager's Message Center in case the email has problems making it through.) Plus, call admins have the option of including a message with the withdrawal notice.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New layout for Submission Tracker

We've changed the layout of the Submission Tracker slightly to make navigation a little clearer.

Before, the navigation items for the three categories of submissions (Draft, Awaiting Approval, and Approved) were displayed at the very top of the page and were somewhat removed from the main content. Thanks to feedback from one of our users, we've moved the three categories closer to the content, making it much clearer that they are navigation elements.

We think it's a huge improvement. We hope you do, too.