Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Feature: Public Calls

At ProposalSpace, we don't just want to be the one place conference organizers can rely on to find great presenters, we also want to be the one place presenters can rely on to find great calls. So we've added a new feature on the public side of the site that lists every call for papers we can find for just about every type of academic conference—regardless of whether the organizers use us to manage their abstracts or not.


  1. And regardless of whether the organizers want to be listed on your site, and without asking them permission to reproduce their call for papers. Not a great way to make friends in the academic world.

  2. Anonymous,

    Actually, the response to our free call listings has been overwhelmingly positive. Most conference organizers really appreciate the free publicity. (We've received only one complaint out of almost 1,000 listings since we started the service a couple of months ago.) That said, we definitely respect your right not to be listed. Just let us know which call is yours and we'll delete it immediately.